What is in my drinking water?

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Where does my water come from?

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How do I start service?

Come to our office at a 814 West Helm Street in Brookfield and fill out the water-user agreement and leave your deposit ($100) and reconnect fee ($100). Call our office at 660-258-5606 with any questions.

How can I terminate service?

Call our office at 660-258-5606 with the date you that you would like the final reading to be done. The final bill will be taken out of your deposit and the remainder returned.

How do I read my meter?

You do not need to read your meter as in the past. New meters have been installed and are read monthly by radio-read. You will receive a bill in the mail.

If you would like to read your meter you read the numbers left to right. You will pay only on hundreds meaning last two digits are zero.

How do I determine whether I have a leak?

Your water meter can help you determine whether you have inconspicuous leaks. First turn off all faucets and water-consuming appliances. Then go to your water meter and follow the instructions below. Photo A below shows a water meter. Photo B shows the lid opened and the current water meter reading (blue arrow). By holding your finger over the eye (red arrow) on the meter for one second the meter reading screen will change to the Leak Detection Screen as shown in Photo C.  If the screen shows 0.00 there is no leak.  If a number shows for example: 0.05 that means there is a leak of five one hundredths of a gallon per minute.

Even if your meter did not show any signs of leaks in your home, it’s still a good idea to periodically check for leaks.

What if I have water problems after hours?

Call 660-258-5606

What do I do if my water is discolored?

If your water is discolored do not drink or wash clothes. Call 660-258-5606 to report this problem.